Tawnja Zahradka Stands for Financial Well-Being of Minnesota Residents: New Financial Initiatives of The Face of Change

Tawnja Zahradka strongly opposes Tom Emmer's Yo-Yo politics and believes that her every action should be aimed at improving the well-being of Minnesota residents. This Minnesota Girl puts people first and believes that her primary role as a politician is to represent the interests of the locals of her region and be of service to them during these tough times. Therefore, Tawnja is launching the following financial initiatives to improve people's lives and give them hope for a better financial future.

Unemployment Benefits

While some politicians believe that the limited 26 week terms of unemployment benefits can encourage people to find jobs faster, Tawnja stands for supporting those who lose their jobs or can't find one that fits their qualifications due to a tight labor market. “Unemployment benefits do not mean that people will deliberately delay getting a job. This is not the amount that allows you to live comfortably, especially if you have a family of four. But this is a guarantee of food on the table, paid bills, and a roof over people's heads. It is a tool that is able to support Minnesota residents when they need it most. And that's what we should be thinking about first,” Tawnja states.

Financial Support for Local Businesses

The small business state is one of the crucial indicators that determine the economic efficiency of the region. As a former Minnesota business owner with more than 25 years in business, Tawnja knows the problems of local entrepreneurs and does her best to find practical ways to help them effectively. Thus, she stands for creating new programs in order to support needy businesses and help them stay afloat. Her propositions include a paycheck protection program and small business tax credit programs.

Credit-Builder Loans

Unfortunately, Minnesota's relationship with debt and credit is a complicated one. Although the average credit score in the state (720) is even higher than the national average range (690), some people still suffer from the consequences of having poor credit. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made adjustments, making it harder for people to service their debt. They were forced to tighten their belts a bit, which led to a decrease in credit scores. Therefore, Tawnja, together with financial institutions, strives to provide affordable credit-builder loans that are also aimed at improving people's credit.

Eliminating Workplace Discrimination

If you face harassment or discrimination at work, it's easy to feel alone and don't know where to turn to seek help. As Tawnja experienced workplace discrimination before and knows how it can affect an employee, she stands for creating a state center that can lend a helping hand, provide support and refer you to the appropriate organization that specializes in helping employees in your particular case.

Accessible Assistance for Needy Families

Tawnja strongly believes Minnesota residents deserve equal credit possibilities, even if they struggle with the consequences of past credit missteps or are temporarily in a difficult financial situation. As her aim as a politician is to help people get back on their feet again, she created a new project in order to design new loan options that can fit people with any credit and income range. To do this, she enlisted trusted lending companies and reputable online lenders that operate in Minnesota and are aimed at helping bad credit borrowers and vulnerable populations.